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A new Secondary Education

A new Secondary Education

The changes in the social, cultural and economic fields which we are facing today require a rethinking of our educational programmes. Thus in Montcau-La Mola we are implementing a new, more practical and more international Secondary to complement and enrich what we have been offering up to now.

To prepare our pupils for a personal and professional future, that steps beyond the mere academic field, we have to adapt the organisation of this stage so they are ready to make and create their own future; to provide them with the “T” profile (a specialised knowledge in at least one field plus the capacity to connect with a wide range of other disciplines); to ensure that the orientation of their academic activity helps them learn to think; to create learning areas in which the pupils learn through Project work; to introduce specific contents of entrepreneurship and to work on them in a transversal way; to promote a less individual, more cooperative style of learning; to continue forging and honing our plurilingual project; to foster reading and to create space for dialogue and reflection; to introduce learning through technological tools and resources; to maintain motivation, values and leadership skills but also to form the capacity of resilience.

The New Secondary in our school is focussed on innovation in accordance with the SEA model (Science, Economics and Arts). Here we supplement the Catalan school curriculum with official vocational training programmes from the United Kingdom. This allows us to offer a more practical learning more directly aimed at real competences, together with a more international learning context and supplementary qualifications that are internationally recognised.

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