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“Promoción de Escuelas” was born in 1965. The initiative was led by Mr. Agustí Abad and it was the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of several Catalan families who lived in the town of Terrassa, and who wanted to give their children an education with an innovative twist, high in values, experimentation and effort, all equipped with the best human, technical and technological resources, in a space with modern and quality facilities

That same year, “Promoción de Escuelas” founded Montcau-La Mola School in the town of Matadepera. It was a Catalan, secular and mixed school aiming to serve the educational needs of all  the Vallés Occidental, based on these principles, and situated in a natural setting in over 20,000 m2. of woodland

In all these years of history, “Promoción de Escuelas”  has consolidated a school educational project  that goes  from 0 to 18 years of age starting with the kindergarden, Els Pinetons, and continuing with the school,  Montcau - La Mola.

Montcau - La Mola and Els Pinetons has always stood out for offering advanced, quality education for all ages, using the latest teaching techniques. Its bases are; personal contact with students and parents, insistence on conscienciousness  and fair  treatment, as well as valuing work well done and personal effort. 

When the educational project was born, in 1965, it had the courage to propose a comprehensive education, mixed, secular, rooted in the environment and open to the entire region. Today it has evolved by opening out to Europe, promoting research and the use of technological resources, and above all, offering students a curriculum from which they can dominate instrumental learning, the different forms of expression and knowledge of languages, which are elements that facilitate entry into the European area where they will have to carry out their future activity. 

Our schools have a large stable team of professionals, with a high human and educational level, working in a coordinated, focused way while immersed in a process of continuous training. They are affordable, able to cater for all the individualities of the educational community whilst maintaining schools of a high  professional quality. 

The project promotes plurilingualism through the learning of different languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, German and French). Although it is important to know the culture, is no less important to give students a broad cultural, linguistic and technological background so that, in adulthood, they can communicate easily with their European neighbours.

School construction. Year 1965
Laboratory. Year 1965
Sports facilities. Year 1965
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Private School with State Assistance for some levels

Escoles Montcau - La Mola i Els Pinetons
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