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The school nursing service has its own certified nurse during all hours. We aim to cover possible accidents and health problems that arise during school hours.

There are also distributed in all buildings school kits with the necessary material to allow the teachers to act in case they need a first cures. Its content is periodically reviewed to monitor the expiration dates and ensure that everything is in good condition. In addition, we have an Automatic Semi-Automatic Defibrillator Equipment for cardio respiratory arrest and that those responsible for the school have received the training that accredits them to use it (Vital Basic Support Course + DEA).

From the nursery we also provide care and assistance to students with chronic and acute pathologies, we coordinate with the school canteen in order to make student menus as well as special diets (allergies or food intolerances).

We collaborate with the Health and School Program of the Catalan Health Service, which carries out the vaccinations of students from the sixth grade. In addition, health education and prevention among students are promoted through lectures and specific work.


Elisenda Salomó

Collegiate Number: 08-060728

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Private School with State Assistance for some levels

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