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School Council

The School Council is the organ of participation of the educational community. It fulfills the functions that the Department of Education assigns. Its function  is ruled by the regulatory procedure of the collegiate organs of participation of the concerted teaching institutions.

School Council of Montcau - La Mola and Els Pinetons


Ms. Esther Riba Gorina (Directora de l'escola Montcau - La Mola)

Ms. Pati Gorina Téllez (Directora d'Els Pinetons)


Ms. Antònia Arcusa Sola (PAS)

Institution owner:

Mr. Antoni Abad i Pous

Mr. Josep Abad i Pous

Educational staff:

Ms. Anna Puig Puigoriol

Ms. Maria Verdera Prat

Ms. Àngels Canal Cusidó

Ms. Judith Gonzàlez Banchs


Ms. Beatriz Amante García

Mr. Carlos Cosials Ruiz

Ms. Sílvia Graell Surià

Mr. Joan Ramoneda Forte

Ms. Maria Antònia Coll (Representative of the PA)


Sr. Gerard Rifer Garrido

Ms. Nina Julià Boquet

Public Administration:

Ms. Carme Querol Badosa (Councilor of the Town Hall of Matadepera)


You can find more information about this organ to the website of the Education Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia clicking here.

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Private School with State Assistance for some levels

Escoles Montcau - La Mola i Els Pinetons
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