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Educational Project

In the Preschool (P3, P4 and P5), we foster the content learning of different subjects by developing our own programs and areas making our educational project unique:

  • Stimulation of different intelligences through early stimulation programs: a bits program of encyclopedic knowledge, a reading bits program, a musical program and a physical education program (crawling, tracking, brachiation ladder).
  • Education in values within the program of Education and Living Together.
  • 33% of hours of immersion in English: seven hours a week of class dedicated to learning the English language (Maths, Discovering, Support, Swimming and Workshops), excursions, Playground Surveillance and Midday Workshops.
  • Three hours per week in Spanish (Mathematics, Environment Studies and Workshops).
  • Half an hour daily of Musical Expression with the specialist teacher.
  • Experimentation and use of technological tools (computers and PDI) in everyday classes.
  • One hour a week with a specialist teacher of Psychomotor Skills.
  • A weekly hour of Swimming in the school pool.
  • The Study of the Environment through cultural outings and excursions.
  • Attention to transversal themes such as traditional celebrations and cultural activities at school; School Camps, leisure activities, European Projects and training relationships with schools in other countries.

To fully consolidate our model, parents need to be involved and feel close to and integrated with our educational project. That is why we promote school – parent links and communication through direct contact with tutors, teachers, educators and the Preschool education management team, and through the website, our Intranet, email, parents’ meetings, parenting classes and the school diary.

You can consult all our news on our Preschool blog at: blogsmontcau.blogspot.com.es/p/parvulari

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