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Our methodology is embodied in our carefully designed programming for every age, underpinned by the constant pursuit of language development and the use of didactic games, both free and directed, as a learning tool in the educational environment of sensory and psychomotor skills, habits, artistic expression, reading, writing and musical and dynamic expression.

To develop the personal talents and mental and physical abilities of our children to their fullest potential, we carry out a program of stimulation of all sensory areas, without forcing in any sense the logical course of the maturation of the nervous system. This stimulation is determined by sequential and systematic work  day by day following a program previously elaborated according to the developmental stage of each child and what we want to achieve.

This early learning, which continues into the initial cycle of primary education, is based on the method used by Glenn Doman, founder of the Institutes for Achievenement of Human Potential, which was implemented for children with brain injuries and, today, has been adapted to work with healthy children to enhance all areas of their development.

Students learn the English language through the program and multilingual method Ready for a Story, by Josep M. Artigal, Eleanitz Project materials and the use of materials Baby Einstein and Sosmart, for which we are a pilot school.

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Private School with State Assistance for some levels

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