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School transport

The Montcau - La Mola school and Els Pinetons kindergarten offers a bussing service to its families. This service is supplied by the  AVANT - BARDET. group

We have 9 transport routes that link the school with different populations in the environment.

All the coaches are monitored and controlled by the center's monitoring service and provide service to students throughout the school year.

In this video we made you can see a small sample of one of our transport routes:


The  AVANT - BARDET group has extensive experience in managing school transport routes for thousands of children daily. It has earned the confidence of the most prestigious local educational institutions..

This company, like our school, understands that quality goes beyond the ISO 2009 quality standard, and expects constant improvement and dedication to service..

It also has an extensive range of modern vehicles, equipped with a high level of comfort, always aware of the current regulations and the latest advances in security:

- Seat belt for all seats.

- Constant renewal of air inside the vehicle.

- Heating by convection.

- Thermal and acoustic insulation.

- Double glazed glass .

- Two TV monitors, DVD and stereo hifi equipment.

- Brakes ABS (automatic braking system). ASR.

- Exterior paint: uniform corporate image.

- First aid kit.

- Fire extinguisher.

- Doors with automatic security opening system.

- Internal communication through private closed circuit telephone

- Environmentally friendly vehicles fitting the needs of our center.



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