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Canteen and midday service

A balanced diet is essential for the proper development of the young. Therefore we promote eating habits that follow the most suitable guidelines. Our menu ensures provision for all nutritional requirements and follow the dietary guidelines and recommended consumption frequency for different food groups.

The food preparation is carried out in the school kitchen together with the company Scolarest. The menus are developed under dietary control and parents receive monthly information of their content. Furthermore, Scolarest adapts to the specific needs of all students and have a wide range of suppliers who provide us with products to satisfy varied diets in cases of food allergies and intolerances, facilitating the development of menus similar to those of the basic diet.

We have established a new direction in our canteen service, where the raw materials and the quality of the products are essential. We take into account proximity, the season, the ecology, local suppliers; and we continue to serve the diverse dietary needs of our students.

We offer families menus adapted for students with conditions that require special dietary management like students with allergies or intolerances to certain foods: celiacs, lactose intolerance, egg intolerance, etc. or 'soft' and occasional diets for digestive problems.

We also guarantee that our staff receives the training necessary for proper development, taking into account and knowing what high-risk foods, ingredients to avoid, as well as the proper handling of cooking utensils to avoid contamination within the processing area.

Another distinguishing feature is the use of olive oil, both raw and for cooking, an innovative approach to improve the quality of meals and cooking in a much healthier way.

Monthly menus

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