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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year


Today, a new school year has begun and after welcoming all the students, it is our pleasure to give it to families.

All the professionals: teachers, monitors, secretarial staff and maintenance staff that are part of the Montcau - La Mola and Els Pinetons schools we start the course with enthusiasm, vocation, professionalism and a lot of strength.

In preschool we introduce a new distribution of classrooms and a work for spaces, started at the end of the last course. We are already working with criteria of Neuroscience in order to benefit students as quickly as possible. From the project we highlight a different way of organizing spaces and materials. With this, we encourage that learning arise spontaneously and the child is the protagonist and the builder of his own knowledge. The role of the teacher is secondary and is based primarily on organizing, encouraging and guiding children. Through this pedagogical orientation, we want students to participate more actively, freely, constructively and creatively in their school stage and of growth as a person. During this course we will give continuity and strength to the training that all the children's education team recived last year of the Dr. in pedagogy, Àngels Geis.

This work will have continuity to the rest of the school stages by updating our educational project. In this same line, we want to highlight our BTEC programs, which are already consolidated in the high school following this pedagogical trend. These programs complement the Catalan curriculum with official training contents in the United Kingdom. These allow for a more practical and more skills-oriented methodology. In addition, they involve an international context of learning and additional approved degrees.

Also, we continue working with the program for elite athletes or for students with a lot of sports dedication, where we take into account the needs of each of these students.

We are also very excited to start a new music project with the Music Education Center, CEM, in Terrassa. That is why an agreement has been signed between the two schools that will allow us to develop the skills of our children in the music field.

All the students will be able to experience the experience of playing and enjoying music as a whole and will benefit from the work involved in this activity: Music learning contributes in a significant way to the emotional and cognitive development of the students.

We also want to comment the new room enabled by our high school students, where they will be able to meet each other in a more relaxed way. We believe that it will be the space where they can load batteries to return to the classroom with the clearest and most energetic mind.

Finally, we want to wish the best achievements for this academic year 2017-2018 to our entire educational community. And especially, we would like to thank, as always, all families the trust you place in our work, which is undoubtedly the meaning of our work.

All these new features allow us to be well tuned to start this school year!

Welcome everyone during 2017-2018!


Esther Riba and Pati Gorina

Director of Montcau - La Mola and Els Pinetons

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