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Morning for visits to school


Intense morning of visits to Montcau - La Mola! The visits have been very special and the children loved them! There have been almost for all over the world!

Els Pinetons have received the firefighters! They came equipped with the truck, hoses, and all the tools and utensils they use! The children have been very attentive to everything they told us. Boys and girls were able to go up the truck and make the siren sound! We've also helped to set the hose up!

Primary 3rd grade students have been know about the work of rural actors! They had a talk/debate, because the children have had a great desire to participate and explain anecdotes. The Agents explained to us what are the attitudes and behaviors that we have to have in the forest and they prepared us for the excursion that we will do next week with them.

Last but not least, the boys and girls of secondary recived the visit from Punt Jove de Matadepera, to explain to the them the services, activities and facilities that they have at their disposal.

You can see that we have not stopped for a moment, but all have been very useful visits and activities! We appreciate, from here and again, the professionals who have accompanied us this morning!

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