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Primaria Christmas Party


Christmas days have flooded our streets, squares, neighborhoods and cities, but also every corner of the school! The children of primary school have been preparing during the quarter great performances to celebrate the arrival of this time of the year! Some performances that took place on the stage on Wednesday at the Èpic  Pavilion!
Children sang typical Christmas songs but also others very known by all!

The performaces of this year revolved around important values that we have to take into account in society: like the responsible consumption, friendship, recycling, patience, etc.

All the attendees also could enjoy the first performance in public of the orchestra of the school. It was possible because we started the project of music school in collaboration with CEM!


1st year of primary school:

The children played two songs "El món seria feliç" and "Ves-te'n hivern".

5th of primary school:

The two classes together also sang two pieces "No dudaría" and "Heal the world".


3rd year of primary:

The boys and girls sang "Amics per sempre" and "Let it snow."


2nd year of primary school:

These two classes sang the classic song "Con mi burrito sabanero" and also "Sempre t'esperarà".


4th of primary school:

He offered us two songs: "Color Esperanza" and "Som els infants".


6th of primary school:

They sang the Christmas greetings song of the school: "All I want for Christmas is you" and "Avions de paper" and "El món és rodó".


You can see a photo gallery of the act here.

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