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El nostre projecte d'anglès


Our project could be described as:


Self- centred  learning through emotion and motivation following the neuroscience principles. Students are the protagonists of their own learning.

Integrated content and language learning. Basic competences are specific to school-subjects ( language and literature, music and dance, social sciences, technology, science…).

Language acquisition rather than language learning, preparing them for life using real language in real situations.

There's always a goal, a finishing point. The student's final project covers the need to answer a driving question or solve a social problem  based on all the things they have learned. To that end, we provide situations related to the various life domains (personal, social, academic…)..

The main innovation of this approach is that students will learn what those contents are for, by autonomous, cooperative and other ways of learning.

The figure of the English teacher is not restricted in a class situation, English is a very important part of our school day life and goes beyond the class walls. We offer a wide variety of opportunities to speak in English: swimming lessons, Physical Education, Arts, school trips, etc.

For all the above mentioned points, throughout the years, the Montcau La Mola English language project has proved to be a successful one.


In the attached document you can see an explanation of how we work English at each stage of the school, and videos and images! 



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