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Preschool and primary tutors



Here's the list of tutors for preschool and primary school for the 2019-2020 course:


P3 A: Anna Puig

P3 B: Carme Sola

P4 A: Anna Picher

P4 B: Ariadna Llonch

P5 A: Gemma Mundet

P5 B: Paula Millán

1st of primary A: Ester Ramírez

1st of primary B: Maite Piñol

2nd year of primary A: Eugenia Lopez

2nd year of primary B: Maria Pau Requena

3rd grade A: Rosa Lores

3rd Primary B: Esther Riba

4th of primary A: Maria Perelló

4th of primary B: Joan Dellà

5th grade A: Montse Forte

5th of primary B: Xavi Gordo

6th grade A: Carme López

6th of primary B: Montse Nuñez



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