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Firefighters at school from Contrafoc formaciˇ

Activity with P4 children


Yesterday P4 boys and girls received a very special visit!

This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic we couldn't be with the Matadepera firefighters, who visited us every year, but we had the company Contrafoc Formació to complement and expand the project that children worked in the classroom for several weeks.

Firefighter Enric explained to them the jobs firefighters do, taught them the tools they carry in the truck, and the equipment they need to go well protected!

He explained a lot of things to them in a very didactic way with stories and getting them involved. While playing children learned how to act in front of a fire and in a smoke situation at home, and what is the emergency phone number: 112!

Thank you Enric, it was a very interesting, rewarding and fun activity!



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