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Compilation of radio program news


On Monday we celebrated Sant Jordi at school with a party with families, but it was also the day when we could listen the program that boys and girls of 4th of high school had been preparing with such enthusiasm during the weeks prior in the school. For the majority of students it was his baptism in this...

We participate in the II Congress of nursing and school health


On Friday, April 13th, the school was present at the II Congress of nursing and school health held in Barcelona. The objectives of the meeting were sharing experiences, providing ideas and new knowledge, updating content and reflecting on how to improve the care and health of students from...

St. George's Day at school


Sant Jordi is synonymous of books and roses but this year in the Montcau - La Mola and Els Pinetons schools, it is and has been synonymous with many other things.

It has take several days, since last week, and we are preparing for today's...

We recite poetry: 1st of secondary


During the last and previous week of Sant Jordi, to prepare for the day, high school students listened poetry chosen and recited by themselves through an avatar that they created from a web page. On the other hand, they also watched videos in which students made book recommendations to encourage and share...

The journalists of the school


The boys and girls of 4th of secondary have visited Matadepera Radio facilities and studios for a few days. But it has not been a cultural visit to complement the subjects of the school... it has been a very special visit!

All the students have been preparing and...

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