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Literary recommendations for summer holidays


From the school library we have prepared some cool literary recommendations for elementary, high school and baccalaureate students!

With these books, the heat will happen in another way!


We play with Kahoot: science project

2nd of primary


The 2nd year students played on friday with Kahoot in the science project of "Taking care of the nature"! Boys ans girls spent the most reflecting on the questions, working in groups and responding through the iPads of the school!


We visit the Matadepera Hotel: young center

6th of primary


Today, students of 6th grade have visited the Matadepera Hotel. This young space offers multiple activities that the boys and girls have been able to meet.

They have explained the possibilities offered by the hotel (Punt Jove Matadepera), so they will be able to...

Acción poética-Matadepera dentro del colegio

4th of secondary


¡Los alumnos de 4º de secundaria han creado una "Acción poética-Matadepera" dentro de la escuela!

El movimiento de Acción poética es un proyecto de poesía pública iniciado en México en 1996 y extendido por todo el mundo. Tiene como fundador al poeta mexicano Armando Alanis y...

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