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Mini Stay - School Integration Week

The School Integration Week is a project designed to introduce students of between 11 and 16 years old to the environment of a British school and the culture of the country. This stay involves the immersion of the students in British life, living with English families and attending English classes in schools where our students share classes with British students.

Each student has an assigned "buddy” at school, who will help them integrate in and out of class. Students also take part in activities and visits related to British culture. In addition, they have to work on a project which helps them focus on aspects of cultural and academic learning. Their teachers are the normal class teachers from the school and are, therefore, native.

Students stay with a British family in pairs. They have breakfast and dinner with the family. For lunch, the families provide them with a packed lunch to eat at school.

In addition, during the visit, the students will be accompanied by teachers from our school, Montcau-La Mola.

The objectives of this project are:

- Develop the oral and comprehension skills in English of the students.

- Know and live with a British family adapting to their customs and culture.

- Know places and a different environment.

- Get to know the British educational system at the time they practice the English language in a native environment.



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